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Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm. Earl Nightingale

Creativity is like a breeze: fleeting, flowing, invisible, and sometimes hard to catch. Some people relax, and their creativity just “happens.” Others must work hard to generate their creative side. Some of us are at our most creative first thing in the morning, while others find that their creativity kicks in later in the day. How do you keep your creative juices flowing when they lag? Here are some great ideas:

  • Listen to music. Any music works and a variety of styles and tempos can be tried. Music stimulates neural connections in the brain that influence the body’s intellectual and motor abilities.
  • Brainstorm. Generate lots of ideas in a specified time frame. Your enthusiasm will increase when your inhibitions decrease.
  • Carry a small notebook with you and record your ideas, no matter how odd they seem at the time. While 90% may be wacky, 10% will probably be brilliant.
  • Record yourself talking about a problem (what the problem is, what you want, where you are stuck, etc.) and then listen to the recording.
  • Keep track of people and things that fascinate you by photographing them or writing about them in a journal. Review them every few weeks and see what types of connections you can make between them and any solutions they may generate.
  • Exercise or take a walk in nature. A change of scenery often “shakes up” the brain cells.
  • Don’t watch television. Instead, read as much as you can about everything possible. Your brain gets more exercise with reading and can fill you with inspiration and information to general creative connections.
  • Randomly select a word from the dictionary and make as many connections as you can between the word and your problem. It really works!
  • Don’t drink or take drugs since both dull your creativity.
  • Sleep on it. Let your subconscious mind have a crack at generating ideas while you sleep. Keep a notebook by your bed to jot down ideas in case you wake up during the night.
  • Make creative time a priority. Schedule it in your calendar. The payback can be incredible.