Food and Your Soul

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Food is fundamental to all life. It is basic to survival, meets security needs, can be used as a gift or reward, involves pride in preparation, and food can help us express our creativity through its innovative use and new recipes.
Besides being nutritious, food plays many different roles in our lives. Food is used to support religious and spiritual traditions, rituals, and ceremonies. For many of us, the type of foods we eat is dependent on where we live and what is available at any particular time.… Read more »

Stress and Nutrition: What’s the Connection?

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How often do you come home from a hectic day at work that left you no time for lunch? After an equally stressful commute, you walk in the door feeling famished. You know it’s too early for dinner but your nerves are shot and you just can’t wait. “I just need a quick fix,” you think, as you dash into the pantry. “Hmmm….that candy bar looks good. And hey, those chips look yummy!” Rationalizing that you’ll feel less stressed, and you’ll eat better the next time, and you’ll work out at the gym for an extra 15 minutes tomorrow, you wolf down whatever you see.… Read more »