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Course Description

The dying experience is a profound, individual experience. The experience of loss and grief are as individual and unique as the persons involved. During this time, people often raise questions about the meaning of life.


The goal/outcome of this course is for the learner to provide health care professionals with an understanding of the spiritual, psychological, social, and physical aspects of the dying experience; the nature of care and the needs of the dying; supportive aspects of care for the dying; the grieving process; healing from grief and loss; and cultural differences in response to death and grief.

Course Objectives - Upon completion you will be able to do the following:

  1. Explain the spiritual, psychological, social, and physical aspects of the process of dying.
  2. Discuss the needs of caregivers and the needs of individuals at the end of life.
  3. List interactions and healing strategies for the dying.
  4. Describe the use of the senses in rituals used at the end of life.
  5. List the advantages and disadvantages of dying at home.
  6. Identify signs and symptoms of imminent death.
  7. Describe the grieving process.
  8. Identify psychological responses, physical symptoms, social changes, and spiritual aspects of normal grief responses.
  9. Explain grief and the healing process.
  10. Describe cultural differences in response to death and grief.

Course Content

Target Audience

Nurses, health care professionals, and interested individuals

Criteria for Successful Completion

Complete the course post exam (CE Test) with a score of 80% or greater. Complete all fields of the course Evaluation Form.

Certificate of Completion is provided for individual courses once the course post exam is passed per criteria above.

Certificate of Completion is provided for certificate programs once all of the courses within the certificate program have been successfully completed per criteria above.

Practice Level (For Occupational Therapy Only):  Intermediate

Content Focus (For Occupational Therapy Only):  Domain of OT

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