Today is Equality Now Day. Founded in 1992, the mission of this day is to protect and promote the human rights of women and girls. The United Nations recognizes that harmful practices are forms of violence based on discrimination and committed primarily against women and girls. Because these practices have been committed for so long in so many communities across the world (including the United States), they have become normalized as accepted social practice. However, they deny women and girls their dignity and integrity as individuals and they are a violation of human rights.

These harmful practices encompass many forms of abuse including economic and social coercion, physical and psychological damage, disability, and even death. The most common ones include:

  • female genital mutilation
  • child and forced marriage
  • “honor” crimes
  • female infanticide
  • bride kidnapping
  • stoning
  • polygamy
  • virginity tests
  • sex trafficking
  • sexual harassment

To get involved:

  1. Advocate for the rights of women and girls. Hold individuals and governments accountable for ensuring equal rights and protections under the law for women and girls.
  2. Partner with local activists and coalitions that are most familiar with the challenging in their communities. Make sure individual cases become international concerns and progress is made both locally and globally.
  3. Mobilize the public and media to raise their voices and stop abuses against women and girls.
  4. Check out these resources:

Learn more with ALLEGRA Learning’s Certificate in Violence Prevention and Awareness (at

When women and girls live free from violence (or the threat of violence) everyone benefits.