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Dream, Girl
Most of us are familiar with the names of male CEOs and entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. But what about female entrepreneurs? What is their story? What do their lives look like? How did they build their companies?DREAM GIRL is a movie that showcases the empowering stories of companies run by women and it explores the dedication and ambition that drives these founders. The movie examines their journeys and their challenges and discovers what makes them successful. The filmmakers talk to investors and cultural experts about why it is important to invest in women and their companies, and learn why there has never been a more exciting and promising time for female-run businesses. Read more…

Fed Up
Could everything we’ve been told about food and exercise for the past 30 years be wrong? FED UP examines that question and comes up with a resounding “Yes!” This is the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see. From Katie Couric,Laurie David (Oscar winning producer of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH) and director Stephanie Soechtig, FED UP will change the way you eat forever. Read more…


allegra-bannerThe Medical Fitness Network (MFN) improves the quality of life for those with chronic medical conditions or who need pre- or postnatal care by connecting them to the most qualified fitness and healthcare professionals in their area. The fitness and healthcare professionals have a background in treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases and medical conditions. MFN wants to invite students of ALLEGRA Learning Solutions to join their network. Find out more…


Spirituality, Health, and Healing: An Integrative Approach (2nd edition) is an outstanding guide for health care professionals and describes the profound role of spirituality on the body, mind, and spirit. This resource establishes a foundation for learning how spiritual and religious values, beliefs, and practices can positively influence an individual’s ability to heal. Get further information about this book or Buy the book…


Integrative Health: A Holistic Approach for Health Professionals is a comprehensive resource on integrative health modalities. It explores the discipline of integrative health care, and examines treatments from conventional medicine and clinically proven complementary and alternative medicine to address the body, mind, and spirit, as well as the environment and relationships with others. Get further information about this book or Buy The Book!


This New York Times bestseller teaches us how to reach our highest level of health and well-being through small, focused changes. Endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Ellen DeGeneres, and Marianne Williamson, Quantum Wellness is the breakthrough book that created a national trend in spiritual eating and conscious food consumption. Buy the book!


Richard Louv’s book, The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age, addresses the critical importance of balancing nature with technology. He believes the mind/body/nature connection, which Louv calls “vitamin N,” is vital to supporting physical and mental health. A central concept of the book includes expanding our sense of community to include all living things and purposefully developing a spiritual, psychological, physical attachment to a region and its natural history. Shop at!


Food, Inc. is guaranteed to shake up your perceptions of what you eat. This powerful book deconstructs the American corporate food industry and poses questions such as: Where has my food come from, and who has processed it? What are the giant agribusinesses and what stake do they have in maintaining the status quo of food production and consumption? How can I feed my family healthy foods affordably? The book will answer those questions and more. It will help you learn more about many important issues surrounding food and health and how your food choices can literally change the world. Buy the book…

Inner Balance—New App from HeartMath

The HeartMath Inner Balance™ Trainer is an innovative approach to improving wellness through training, education and self-monitoring. Inner Balance shows your heart rhythm pattern (HRV) and a breathing pacer to go along with your heart rhythms, helping you change your heart rhythm pattern to a healthier, more coherent state. Inner Balance Trainer works exclusively with the HeartMath iOS connector that attaches to your iPhone or iPad and your earlobe and feeds your heart rhythms into the app. No technology on the market today tracks at the high level of the HeartMath iOS connector. Learn more…

New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

Are you searching for great reference books on topics such as health and wellness, spirituality and philosophy, mental health, personal growth, or any other health topic? New Harbinger Publications is one of the leading publishers of books based on the new “third wave” of behavior therapy. With books grounded in science, careful research, and a tradition of empirically validated clinical practice, many of their books explore the combination of traditional therapy techniques with other approaches like mindfulness and acceptance.

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