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“A big THANK YOU…for providing this online course [Certificate in Gerontology]! I found it so helpful to me in learning and understanding in the field of gerontology for a working mother like me. I have successfully completed the exam and …earned the Certificate, which I am proud to have! This course has enhanced my knowledge in…professional development as well as…my personal enrichment to care for the aged and for aging gracefully too! Thank you!” — Kate

“[The Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health] was life changing. I learned so much. It will be so useful in everyday life to make better choices, ‘to live better and help those around me to live better.’ Thanks!” — Maria C.

“…what a great day I had… in Sedona (for the workshop, Fully Alive: Exploring the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection to Health and Healing). The lectures were very informative and the speakers were awesome. I feel I learned so much for my patients and for myself as well. Thank you again. I look forward to other education opportunities with you soon.” — C.Boyes, Arizona

“I have taken many other CE courses but ALLEGRA’s courses are so much better! They are thorough, interesting, and well-researched. I looked for a long time for a class I could take to make my dream of working with seniors come true and now it is here. I loved coming home from work and reading, learning, and challenging myself with the tests. Thanks, it was great!” — Kristen G.

“I have truly enjoyed every aspect of the End-of-Life Certificate program. I feel like I can offer my patients the very best compassionate care focused on comfort and understanding. I know I can market myself better in this competitive job market. Thank you!” — Barbara M.

“The Certificate in Gerontology was great! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who is or will be interacting with the senior population. It should be required for employment in any facility that offers care to seniors. I also appreciated the opportunity to take the course online. I am a busy professional and this fits into my schedule. Thank you for this opportunity!” — Kristy R.

“ALLEGRA’s courses are the best I have ever taken! I am impressed and am telling others about you.” — Richard R.

“The Certificate in Integrative Mental Health has helped me to understand the needs of my patients…” — Liz M.

“As a hospice nurse, this certificate has taught me valuable information regarding End of Life with respect to different cultures…health care givers’ needs and a view from another approach.” — Sherry C.

“I have been recommending ALLEGRA Learning Solutions to other nurses. I think your content is amazing and I look forward to taking more courses.” — Tracie B.

“The Certificate in Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a great certificate! I will continue with ALLEGRA courses. They are presented in a great format for people with unusual work schedules such as myself in Afghanistan. This is what all distance education should be patterned after.” — Joanne F.

“I am in the unique position of having just gone through the dying process with my mother and, thankfully, utilized much of the information in this course. Additionally, I have made the choice to specialize in hospice nursing and after having gone through the material, I am more committed to this goal. Thank you for preparing me so well.” — Kathryn S.

“I was absolutely thrilled that I found this certificate being offered! I had no idea how I was going to be able to digest ALL that information, but it was written and presented in such an easy to follow format, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I think that education is key to life, and a better understanding of the aging process will make us a better and more respectful society. I hope more and more people avail themselves to this very important information, as the elder population continues to grow!” — Grace D.

“This certificate has confirmed my belief that a basic approach to holistic care with every day living can help people prevent problems associated with sleep, depression, and anxiety. It also has peaked my interest in ways to treat AD and dementia.” — Leonora M.

“I feel more well rounded in my knowledge of how to approach the spirituality of patient care. There were affirmations in your certificate as well as insights and education. I feel more informed and hope that will help with my own confidence moving forward in providing spiritual care to the patients I visit and also with working with health care providers. The resources that you provided have opened a new door to understanding and learning about spirituality and healing and I am looking forward to continuing the process.” — Marcia O.