Georgetown University Releases Report on Healthcare Workforce

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This powerful report provides detailed analyses and projections of healthcare fields, occupations, and their wages. The important skills and work values associated with healthcare fields and occupations are explored. Finally, the implications of these findings for the racial, ethnic, and class diversity of the healthcare workforce in the coming decade is discussed. Read the entire report here…


Reprinted with permission from (2012) by Georgetown University, Georgetown Public Policy Institute, Center on Education and the Workforce.
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Make the Most of Menopause

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Menopause occurs at the natural end of a woman’s reproductive cycle. So why not treat it naturally? Both aromatherapy massage and regular massage treatments may reduce menopausal symptoms and aromatherapy massage may be more effective than either therapy alone. Other integrative therapies that may help alleviate menopausal symptoms include acupuncture, meditation, yoga, foods rich in phytoestrogens, such as soy, and black cohosh (a popular alternative to prescription hormonal therapy). Be sure to talk with your health care provider before adding any botanicals to your health regimen and ask about the right dose for you.… Read more »