Get Moving!

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Getting enough exercise is vital to brain health and stimulates the development of many areas of the brain. New research continues to show that exercise increases memory, concentration, problem solving, and overall brain health while reducing the risks for many diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. It’s easy to fit physical activities into your daily routine. Walk, bike or jog to see friends or go to the store. Take a 10-minute activity break every hour while you work, read, do homework, or watch TV.… Read more »

Obesity and Mindful Eating

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Mindful eating has the potential to transform our relationship to food and eating, and to improve our overall health, body image, relationships, and self-esteem.

Over the past 25 years, mindfulness practices have had a positive impact on many areas of psychological and physical health by reducing stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and heart disease. More recently, evidence supports the benefits of mindful eating for the treatment and prevention of obesity.

Based on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness (which involves being aware of what is happening in the present moment) and mindfulness meditation, mindful eating is a slow, thoughtful way of eating and can help people make healthy food choices.… Read more »